Mindfulness Coaching

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Would you like to be more present and plugged-in to the important people in your life and in the world around you?  Are you tired of letting outside distractions and influences be more in control of your life and decisions than you are?  Are you ready for a change?  You can!

What is mindfulness anyway? 

"The awareness that emerges through paying attention, in a particular way, on purpose, in the present moment and nonjudgmentally, to the unfolding of experience moment to moment."                             John Kabat-Zinn

The concept is easy; however, implementing it takes work and effort on your part.  It is not magic - it is learning how to maintain where your mental and emotional focus is, even when things are crazy.

"You can't control the waves, but you can learn to surf." 

While we cannot make the stressful situations disappear, working with a mindfulness-based health and wellness coach CAN help you develop the tools to experience greater calm, control, happiness, and joy in your life.

My specialty is working with individuals through whatever life is throwing at them; allowing them feel more present, and empowered to make the changes they want to make, to get the best out of their lives. 

Believe it or not - the essence of mindfulness starts with our most basic need...breath!

"Breathing needs to be about more than just keeping you alive"

Contact me today; we will set up a time to discuss how we can work together to make this happen for you.