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Are we there yet?!?

Ah yes, those wonderful days of yesteryear and car trips that never seem to end…is that what this phrase brings to mind for you, too?  Remember that?

Well, sometimes “there” can be more than an actual place or destination, and even more challenging than those car trips; sometimes it is a more difficult move that involves overcoming self-imposed inertia, requiring that we, “get off the dime” … “get on the right track” … or one of my favorites, “get off your duff!” 

Is there something you really want to do or change in your life, that you are waiting for the perfect time to start? Do you know what that “perfect” time will be, what needs to be aligned, what the risks versus rewards are? What is the sign you are waiting for to know it is okay to start living this new life…are you there yet?

This is being written during the Christmas holidays, that wonderful time of year, when the choice to believe in possibilities is not owned only by children.  As adults we can chose to believe in fresh starts, in hope, in miracles, in claiming or reclaiming happiness…are YOU there yet?

Maybe I can help. One of the best parts of doing this work is helping my clients regain their balance, unlock their untapped potential and get themselves on the right track. Call me at 832-248-5249 to schedule a consultation so that we can get to work and help you get to where you want to be!